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iOS Developer

Posted 1 year ago

Job Description

We are looking for a Professional iOS developer to join our Engineering team. You will be working with our developers to develop and maintain high-quality iOS applications.

If you’re passionate about iOS platform and you enjoy translating requirements and concepts into efficient code, and code into user-friendly apps, we would like to meet you. If it’s you, then you should be able to translate architectural designs, use-cases and verbal instructions into excellent implementation and functionalities while keeping an eye out for risks and loopholes. We expect you to have a great sense of programming logic and an expert on tools and methodologies required of you.

As an iOS developer, you’ll collaborate with internal teams to develop functional iOS applications, while working in a fast-paced growing environment.

Job Description

·         Knowledge of Performance, Scalability, Security, Enterprise System Architecture, design patterns and engineering best practices deep technical expertise across the entire software delivery process.

·         Conceptual level knowledge of entire lifecycle for software development.

·         Knowledge of object-oriented design, data structures, problem-solving, and business requirements analysis

·         Proficiency in at two of modern OOP languages such as Objective C, C++, Java or C#

·         Experience in iOS application development with modern OOP languages such as Objective C and Swift (all versions).

·         Knowledge of a broad range of data structures and algorithms and know how, when and when not to use them RESTful Services (preference for retrofit), Customer facing apps experience Custom UI Layouts Expert knowledge of building responsive user experiences across phones and tablets.

·         Deep knowledge of programming languages like Swift, Objective C, Cocoa Touch, C#, Java and JavaScript.

·         Experience with open source apps, third-party libraries and plug-ins including RESTful APIs, Web Services and various web and mobile plug-ins and libraries.

·         Experience with Integrations and development with various types of SDKs

·         Meet Deadlines and targets

·         Clean, elegant and well-documented code.

·         Familiar with GiT/BIT and Jira Jenkins.

·         Ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

·         Published work & Contributions to online tech-oriented portals as well as Active apps on Apple store and In-market work.

·         Browser/platform testing and debugging.

·         Experience with native iOS and Cocoa framework.

·         Experienced in Swift 2,3 & 4, Xcode 9 & 10, AutoLayouts, Core Location and Core Data.

·         Development Knowledge of JSON, REST and XML based web services and their working.

·         Full concept of iOS development life cycle including deployment techniques and procedures.

Required Qualification

·         BSCS from a reputable university.

·         BE/BS in Computer Science or related technical field or equivalent practical experience.

Required Skills Specification

·         Excellent communication skills

·         Can work independently as well as in sync with the mobile development team.

·         Capable of being productive and handling challenging work

·         Facilitating group conversations and code reiterations


·         3 years or more of experience in iOS application development.

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